TIC-Teaching in China

Teaching in China company is AoYa International Education (Henan) co., LTD which is now a large-scaled company specializing in international education cooperation and foreign language teacher recruitment & employment with a group of talented professionals and consulors,translators from overseas and branch companies.

In the business of oversea joint program, our company has established close relationships with many famous schools of America, Canada, England, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, New Zealand and so on. Worth mentioning is our achievement in the general power of attorney of IDP(now expired), the biggest institution in publicizing international education, making us the sixth office of IDP in China after Peking, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Shenzhen, and Chengdu.

We have a group of talented professionals and consultants, overseas translators. Our brother companys is Chengxin abroad Service Henan Co., Ltd., Henan Wantong citizens immigration service center, Henan AoMei Education Industry Development Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou International Education Exchange Center, New York International Education Group Inc. Australia International Education Group Pty Ltd Chengxin Overseas Affairs Service (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd

Founded in 2013, we strongly believe in providing an honest, professional and supremely effective job placement service for our teachers. Over the years we have helped hundreds of teachers and are proud of the many positive comments we’ve had and really enjoy hearing about our teachers’ adventures abroad. We also promise to save you time with job center showing various services and teaching jobs and CV center shown in front of thounsands of schools and angencies which you can submit your CV or requirments to until you find a satisfying job without any of hassle.

Besides, we also have offices in America, Canada, England, especially, Australia , which is the very beginning of our business as well as our biggest cooperative partner. Sound services for our clients in the full range of children’s education, employing, etc, overseas, and professional and sincere attitude has won us series of titles both at home and abroad.

We are now promoting more joint programs and inviting teacher of all professionals globally in recent years.

With the notion of "be honesty and sincerity", the attitude of profession and serious and close cooperation with the government, and, above all, support from our clients, we have distinguished ourselves in Zhengzhou, even Henan, PRC.
We are convinced that our cooperation will definitely be a win-win and mutually beneficial relationship with you!

Why Choose Us?

We Provide
1) high quality online  and phone support with customer service professionals who all have 2-5 years of work or study experiences in english-speaking country such as online & email support,1 to 1 phone service, ect.
2) a more attractive salary, better working conditions or other benefits
3) various services and teaching jobs until you find a satisfying job
4) a full range of free assistance services such as visa processing, airline tickets, airport  pickup, hotel accommodation, etc.
5) free china travel and work guide
6) rich and colorful activities to enrich your life in China
7) daily needs assistance services like setting up a China bank account, a phone plan, and anything else you may need.
8) support on china teaching life

You only need to
1) post your needs freely or contact us to express your requirements
1) prepare your carry-on baggage
2) sign in our site with invitation code provided to track the status of any service such as visa processing, ticket booking, hotel reservation and other preparations, etc.