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Hire teachers who speak English at an idiomatic level Speak English at an idiomatic level teachers 2018-01-31

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Teaching Location: Nationality: Type of Job:Full time

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Salary:12k-16k Workload: Education Level: Teaching Experience:

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we want to hire teachers who speak English at an idiomatic level

Position: Native English speakers

Location: University, High school, Middle school, Primary school, kindergarten
City: China city like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and other middle cities.
Duration: 1 year contract (could be renewed)
Number of Classes: around 22-40classes per week(based on school schedule), each class 45-50 minutes, no office hours.
Salary: 12K-16K,RMB

Speak  English at an idiomatic level teachers  Basic Requirements: 
-Enthusiasm for teaching and learning
-Interested in China, Chinese language and culture
-Bachelor’s degree or higher
-Teaching certificate and/or TESOL certificate
-Optimistic, open-minded, good sense of humor, skilled communicator
-Team work spirit

 Provide speak  English at an idiomatic level teachers:
-Competitive salary
-Rent-free single furnished apartment near your school or housing allowance with necessary assistance. 
-Paid holiday. 
-Airfare Bonus. 
-Airport pick-up
-Help settling in and solving everyday problems from shopping to doctors’ visit. 

-Flexible and caring management coupled with continuous teacher training and development.

If you are interested, pl send your CVs to apply@china-teaching.com. Thank you!

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