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Shangqiu Normal University English teacher Shangqiu Normal University 2018-04-24

Position Details

Teaching Location:Shangqiu Nationality:all Type of Job:Full time

Salary Package Details

Salary:15k Workload: Education Level:BA or above Teaching Experience:2 years or more

Contact Details

Foreign Director:English Phone Number: Skype: Email:

Shangqiu Normal University

Position: English Teacher

Location: Shangqiu Normal University, Shangqiu City, Henan Province.

Duration: 1 year contract

Number of Classes: 25 classes ,each class 45 minutes, no office hours.

Salary: 15,000 rmb+.

Student age: 18-22

Provide work visa.

Requirement: foreign teachers with working experiences, BA degree or above.

Provide on campus apartment.
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