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Xide English Training School need English teacher Hunan Changsha Xide English Training School 2018-05-08

Position Details

Teaching Location:Changsha Nationality:Native or Non-native Type of Job:Full time

Salary Package Details

Salary:12k-16k Workload:5 days per week Education Level:BA or Above Teaching Experience:2 years above

Contact Details

Foreign Director:Education Phone Number: Skype: Email:

Hunan Changsha Xide English Training School

Position: English teacher

Number of Current Foreign Teachers:5

Teaching Hours per week: 25 hrs

Class Arrangements hours: Wed.-Fri.16:00-20:40

Text Books/Curriculum:oxford

Office Hours per week: *40H

Working Days per week:5 days

Age ranges: 3-16 years old

Class Size:6-12 students

Length of each class:45min

Contract Length:One year contract

Salary: RMB 12000-14000 per month

Airfare Allowance and Pay Date: RMB 4000 per year when finish one year contract


Apartment:RMB 1000 per month

Overtime Allowance:RMB 100 per hour

Holidays:Given such as National Day, New Year’s Day, Labor Day and other

holidays decided by the school + 1 paid holiday for Christmas Day

Winter/Summer Holiday Length:*14 paid summer holidays and 14 paid winter holidays

Visa:Must have qualification for Z Visa
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