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Jinggangshan University need TEFL Teacher Jinggangshan University 2018-05-08

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Teaching Location:Jiangxi Nationality:Native and Non-native Type of Job:Full time

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Jinggangshan University need TEFL Teacher, Native English Speaker will be better

Address: 28Xueyuan Road,Qingyuan District, Ji’an City, Jiangxi Province.

Position Information

1. Job description: Teach English to English and part of Non-English major students, courses include speaking, writing, and other related courses.

2.Contract Duration: one year and can be extended

3.Working and Accommodation Places: on campus

4. Workload: 16 class periods/week, 45 min / period


1.Age: 25-60

2.Nationality: English Native-speaker

3.Degree: Bachelor or above

4.Major: no limits

5.Work Experience: more than two years of teaching or English-related major graduate.


1.Monthly Salary: 6000-6500 for Bachelor, 6500-7500 for Master and 7500+ for PHD (12 months full salary for a contract year.)

2.Free Air Ticket: round-trip ticket for each year, reimbursed at the end of contract according to receipt.

3.Accident and Serious disease Insurance: university paid

4.Travel Allowance: 2200 yuan for one year

5.Housing: an apartment with bedroom, living room, study, kitchen, washing room. Housing Conditions: an apartment with some necessary furniture and electrical appliances

6.Electricity, water subsidy: 300 yuan/ month; gas subsidy: 500 yuan /year; computer subsidy: 400/year

7.Monthly Communication Allowance: No

8.Meal Supply: No

9.Free Chinese Courses: Yes
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