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EAL Teacher EAL Teacher Wanted 2017-09-13

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Teaching Location:Zhengzhou middle school, Henan Province Nationality: Type of Job:full time

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Salary:15,000rmb+ (negotiable) Workload: Education Level: Teaching Experience:

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Position: EAL Teacher, english writing and spoken english
Location: Zhengzhou middle school, Henan Province.
Duration: 1 year contract (could be renewed)
Number of Classes: around 24classes per week(based on school schedule), each class 45-50 minutes, no office hours.
Salary: 15,000rmb+ (negotiable)
Student age: 12-18
Requirement: Prefer Australians, also foreign teachers with working or studying experiences in Australia could be considered, BA degree or above.

Provide on campus apartment and flight allowance (3000 for 1 semester contract, 6000 for 1 year contract).

If you are interested in the informations above, please send us your current resume, recent photos, the copy of your passport and all of your qualification certificates! TIC Email:apply@china-teaching.com

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